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Our six week programme is the entry point for all new PT clients (excluding pre & postnatal training), it helps us to find out if we are the right fit for you. There are 3 pillars of support within the programme  These pillars set you up to ensure your progress. 



Training Support 

The 6 week programme covers all bases, including training. You will train for a  set number of times per week in order to reach maximum progress over the course of 6 weeks. Plans will be tailored to you and your needs and delivered through mixed medium of 1-1 training sessions.


Nutritional Guidance 

Healthy Food

A huge part of your journey will be focused on diet and nutrition. We will cover the needs - must knows before tackling our goals and working towards a better version of you. Making sure you are equipped with information that allows you to implement changes that will help you achieve your goal. 


Accountablity - Check in's & Reviews

One of the main reasons the 6 week programme is a success is due to the final pillar of support. Accountability, we carry out a stats and goal setting review at the beginning and at the end and review how much progress was made and what the next steps are. Alongside check ins, this keeps you accountable and encouraged to keep working hard to pursue your goals. 

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